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At Pawsome Dog Massage Therapy we provide a mobile/in-home service providing Professional Canine Myofunctional Therapy to dogs living in and around the Port Macquarie area. We also provide Animal Reiki Healing and Animal Communication Readings.

Canine Myofunctional Therapy

Specialised Massage for Dogs

Just as humans enjoy a good massage to ease tired sore achey bodies our canine friends do too. The benefits of therapeutic touch on both a physical and psychological level are well documented. Canine myofunctional therapy (CMT) is a form of remedial muscle therapy in which a CMT Practitioner performs a sequence of massages and stretches on a dog. It is a therapy that is non-invasive and drug-free that helps to release tight muscles, improve movement quality and reduce compensation patterns by helping specific muscles to function better...

Animal Reiki

In-home & Distant Reiki Healings

Reiki for animals is a wonderful addition to traditional animal care. Animal Reiki has principles that set the healing intent as positive and compassionate and does not rely on any type of belief system or particular religion to work. The practitioner channels healing energy through their hands to the animal with a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance. The intent from the Reiki Practitioner is nothing more than love and compassion for the animals highest good. There is no expected outcome from the Reiki Healing session for the healing energy will always flow to where it is needed.

Animal Communication Readings

What Does Your Pet Want You to Know?

Animal communication is a telepathic communication with your animal companion where a direct transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, sensations and just having a strong sense of knowing are sent via an open channel after an animal's owner gives consent for a reading. Questions are asked and the answers are written down and discussed by phone or Skype. Animal Healings can be added to the reading to offer the animal and the owner a full therapeutic treatment. It's not uncommon for your relationship to grow and become strengthened after an Animal Communication Reading.

Canine Nutrition

Natural Nutrition for Your Dog

At Pawsome Dog Massage Therapy we believe nutrition plays an important part in a dogs health, happiness & wellbeing. Stay tuned for a blog where we'll share invaluable information on food, treats and other healthy alternatives in your pets day to day lives...

Animal Communication Reading

What is your pet trying to tell you?
Via Phone/Skype
Cost AUS$70.00 

Animal Reiki - Distant/Absent

For healing and relaxation.
Email information of the session
Cost AUS$70.00

Animal Reiki - Home Visit

For healing and relaxation.
Port Macquarie and surrounds
Cost AUS$90.00

Animal Communication + Reiki

The ultimate care for your pet!
Cost AUS$110.00