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Animal Communication

Animal communication essentially is the transfer of information from one or a group of animals to one or more other animals that affects the current or future behaviour of the receivers. Information may be sent intentionally, as in a courtship display or unintentionally as in the transfer of scent from predator to prey. Information may be transferred to an "audience" of several receivers.

Human to animal communication goes much further than verbal & nonverbal cues. It involves one of humans psychic senses. In an ever changing world communication between humans & animals has taken on a deeper meaning & necessity. We can learn so much from the animals about how to live in harmony & balance on the planet. For us animal lovers, telepathic communication nurtures the understanding, joy & richness possible in relationships with their animal companions & importantly in all of life.

Animal communication is a telepathic communication whereby the meaning of telepathy is"communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means" (merriam-webster Dictionary) which involves the direct transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, sensations & just having a strong sense of knowing.

We are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically but the human conditioning has focused on socialising verbally & "higher"modes of communication has been discouraged.

Where there is love & a willingness to re-learn a suppressed psychic sense it can be resuscitated & this can then lead you to a wonderful growing relationship with your companion animal(s) as well as the "wild ones"!

If you want to communicate with your companion animal the first thing you need to do is let go of thoughts telling you that animals are lower, less evolved or less intelligent beings than humans. Having this mindset blocks the channel of communication to the animal. The same goes for human to human communication where egos have the potential to be dominating. Treat animals with respect, openness & as potential teachers. This will enable you to observe them in a fresh light & open up a well of information from them about who & how they are. You also must cease invalidating your own potential to receive telepathic communication from the animal world. To some degree you are more than likely already hearing what they say but not paying attention to it as telepathic communication. This lack of recognising the reality of the perception fails to continue to conversation & causes people to miss out on understanding to have a full conversation with an animal. Because of this the animal is more likely to become frustrated & so they have to resort to methods that you do understand such as tearing up & destroying furniture or peeing on the carpet.

Booking an Animal Reading

When you book an Animal Communication Reading there are things that I require from you. Please email me the following information...

  • Two clear photos - one of your animals face showing their eyes clearly & the other showing their whole body.
  • Name, age, sex & known breed.
  • Up to 10 questions can be asked for your companion e.g. are you happy, are you sore anywhere, what do you like/don't like, what can I do to make your life better/more enjoyable...
  • Phone number I can contact you on after your preferred day & time is booked.
  • Area you live in so that I can work out the time difference if any for the call.

If you have any questions about an Animal Communication Reading prior to your booking you can send an email 

Questions about your animal companions health, their attitudes towards other family members both human & other animals, performance in the competitive arena, behaviour & environment are all welcome. The most important thing is to have an open mind. You must be willing to hear information from your animal companion that you may not want to hear.

No background information is required. I can find out things like how they feel about life, their purposes, concerns, attitudes, or enjoyments, but a reading is facilitated by you asking specific questions that are important to you.

You & your animal companion don't have to do anything while I connect telepathically from the two photographs that were emailed prior to the booked phone call. Answers from your questions I ask your animal companion will be explained to you on the call & this will most often than not give further impressions of the conversation.

You may see a positive change in your animal companion after the reading. They really appreciate us listening to them & if you can adjust to the things they have asked for they realise that you do care about their wants & needs. That alone can have a positive change in their behaviour & attitude.

Please note: I can't guarantee that the behaviour of an animal or the situation alters to the way you want it as this requires the willingness of the animal. They'll listen to you but the change in their behaviour is ultimately their choice.